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Top 30 Last Minute DIY Gifts

These are cuter, cheaper, and way more meaningful than the store-bought alternative.

Everybody knows that hand crafted gifs have much bigger personal value and means a lot more to people than something you can buy. In today’s article you can check the top 30 most interesting simple gifts that you can make at home. All of them come with complete guide that is just a link away.

Magnetic Wristband

For the handy type.

Copper Votive Candles

For anyone who needs a little light.

Dinosaur Phone Tripod

For idk why not.

Leather Wallet

For the moneybag in your life.

Geode Ring

For the rock star.

Sleep Mask

For not-at-all-morning people.

Calming Face Mist

For the ever-so-slightly high-strung.

Cuffed Hat

For snow bunnies of all shapes and sizes.

Mason Jar Snow Globe

For the person who wants the world in the palm of their hand.

Animal Bookends

For the bookish.

Painted Kitchen Towels

For the cook who has everything else.

Terrarium Kit

For the person with the tiny green thumb.

Colorful Trivets

For anyone whose tabletop (and fingers) you want to protect.

Indoor Tent

For someone’s inner (or outer) child.

Mint-Infused Bourbon and Simple Syrup

For the classy boozehound.

Embossed Luggage Tag

For the world traveler.

Pizza Puzzle

For the perpetually hungry.

Dog Silhouette Pillow

Decorative Picture Mat

For everyone who loves Benedict Cumberbatch (aka everyone).

Cat Flats

For the person who dresses from head to toe.

Wire Vase

For the minimalist.

Fruit Macarons

For the twee-est one you know.

Felt Slippers

For morning people.

Painted Camera Strap

For the shutterbug.

Shark Hoodie Towel

For the one who lives every week like it’s Shark Week.

Zipper Pouches

For the one with lots of little collections.

Message Hairpins

Doily-Stamped Bowl

For when hair speaks louder than words.

Tube Bead Necklace

For the fashionable minimalist.


For anyone who needs some extra cozy.

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