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Life Hacks for Bingo Enthusiasts

The game of bingo is an all-time classic and at some point has been played in most family homes. In the report by Bingo Hideout Survey, 87.9% of online bingo players are less than 55 years old, with 23.5% belonging to the 26-35 age group. Weebly even describes bingo as an educational tool that enriches learning activities. So, its fair to say that the demographics of bingo players has certainly changed over the last 10 years.

With the mainly different variants of bingo that have been created, there are different things you can do with bingo cards, bingo disc numbers, and bingo markers that will make you think twice about throwing them out. Here are some bingo hacks that you should try:

Bingo Daubers

The artwork that you can make out of these colorful markers is a great alternative for expensive gift wrappers. How? Grab a blank art paper and artistically dot it with bingo daubers. Mix different colors and designs and surprise your friends and family with this unique gift wrapper.

Bingo Discs

Use bingo discs as magnet picture holders. Glue ΒΌ-inch circle magnets on the back of these numbered discs.

You can also make it as a unique charm or pendant. For an added appeal, complement it with other charms like a turquoise butterfly, a Kokeshi miniature doll, or a Pandora-inspired silver charm.

Bingo Cards

Bingo cards are not just for bingo games. You could also use them as wonderful interior decoration like this paper chandelier. If you want a bright decorative piece, use the bold colors and cartoony graphics seen in the online website of leading UK bingo portal, Cheekybingo. The bursts of Fuschia, purple, and yellow incorporated in your paper chandelier would definitely bring life to your room.

You can also use bingo card as a unique notebook cover like this one:

Gather 20-30 sheets of bond paper (you can also use specialty papers). Cut them to match the size of your bingo card. Punch holes on both ends and put loose-leaf rings that you can buy from Office Depot.

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