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Top 15 Creative Ways To Organize Your Garage

Whose garage doesn’t need at least a little organization?

These helpful DIY garage organization ideas are here to make your life easier. Check them out to see how much more organized your garage can be with just a few changes or additions.

Which DIY idea is your favorite?

Create your own jumbo tape organizer dispenser.

Check out that built-in blade!

Use a paper towel dispenser for large rolls of black garbage bags, burlap, netting, etc.

Units like these make big cleanups a breeze.

Keep drill bits organized with a magnetic holder.

This also works for nails and screws.

Upcycle tin cans to create instantly organized storage space.

You can fill these with tools, craft supplies, etc.

Keep your most-used tools within easy reach with a peg board.

Just look at how many different things can be stored this way.

Create this clever organization unit with upcycled plastic jars.

Read the full DIY tutorial here. You can store nails, screws, elastics, clips, clamps, etc.

Store sports balls with bungee cords.

Instantly better.

Use old PVC pieces to store, hold and organize tools.

You can get a full breakdown of this project here.

Build a bike rack.

Bikes create clutter very quickly. Hanging them means they’re out of the way and safely stored until needed.

Use wire baskets to help you store everything you need.

These look so much better than big totes or boxes on the floor.

Label everything.

No excuses. No miscellaneous labels, either.

Create cabinet space.

Cabinets are essential for proper garage organization. Learn how to install your own here. 

Use wheels.

Check out these handy cabinets on wheels for all your organizational needs.

Hang your ladder.

Anything that can be placed out of the way and off of the floor should be. Learn how to do it here.

Install overhead storage.

Read how to do this project here.


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