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Top 10 Hacks Around the House To Bring New Life Into Old Items

Have you ever browsing the web in order to find a guide on how to bring the old house items back to life? There is something special when you find a repurpose and give new life to a old and lifeless items only using the tools and your imagination. I bet you were not aware on how much a simple life hacks can help to home improvement and your living environment. Check out the list bellow and let us know the results if you tried any of them…

Vintage Luggage Medicine Cabinet

Find the old suitcase your grandpa used a lot of years ago, stick a mirror to a front size and post it over your sink. The Million Dollars Etsy idea…   Source

Drum Barrels

The Tutorial Starts Here: Purchase a 4 barrels of wine. Drink them all up and then make a drum setup of them. How they sound should not be a problem after drinking that much wine… Source

Tennis Racket Mirror

Pretty easy and straightforward hack for your house. The older tennis racket you find the better. Wooden vintage rackets are a best selection and once you obtain it, obtain a small mirror and hang them up. Game, set, match!  Source

Washing Machine Fire Pits

Don’t trow away your old washing machines because there are still few items that you can back on track! The fire pit will be extremely useful for this cold fall evenings… Source

Suitcase BoomBox

I have to admit that this BoomBox looks fake. However, there is a store in Portland, Oregon that sells them under the name “Case of Bass”   Source

Lightbulb Greenhouse

That s one of the best eco-friendly ideas i ever seen! You can easily turn a old lightbulb into a tiny terrarium! Source

Globe Lamp

You can easily make a globe into a lampshade, lamp, potpourri bowl, clock or a lot of other things. Source

Flower Power

Turn your old vintage metal colander into a hip hanging flower pot! Source

Wrench Hooks

All you have to do is to bent a wrench and hang it out. They are both tough and cute at the same time… Source

Fence Holes

Use colorful marbles and plug the holes in your fence. Wait for a sun and enjoy in colors… Source


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