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There i Fixed It!

People tend to be extremely creative when they need to fix the issues. Check out this couple creative solutions and be sure to never try them out in your life….


Top 20 Times DIY Got Wrong

In the last couple months the DIY and Crafts articles gain on popularity since they were able to help normal people do interesting stuff with the everyday items. However, now everything goes so well when you get the toolbox in your hands. Check out this funny post with top 20 hilarious DIY project fails…

1. When the AC breaks in the minivan and you say “I can fix it”:

2. When you wanna repurpose your old PC:

3. When you binge-watch five seasons of Game of Thrones:

4. When your Eagle Scout training finally comes in handy:

5. When you Pinterest yourself a salad spoon:

6. When you’re convinced you’re Clint Eastwood:

7. When you don’t want anyone pooping in the basement:

8. When your headlight is broken, but you can’t afford another ticket:

9. When you wanna be safe, but can’t find a switchplate for three switches:

10. When you’ve got a hankering for chili, but the stove doesn’t work:

11. When you want sick rims for your whip, but can’t afford the price tag:

12. When some hooligan steals your hood ornament and you don’t want people to forget you’re classy:

13. When you wanna support the team at all times:

14. When you need to get to work and your car isn’t starting:

15. When you can’t find the perfect nightstand at the flea market:

16. When the tailgate falls off your pickup:

17. When you decide to make your own crosswalk:

18. When the TV works just fine with exception of the power button:

19. When you’re having guests and the door knob breaks:

20. And when you don’t want any more kids, but you don’t trust doctors.



Top 15 Fun and Interesting Parenting Hacks

If you are fresh parent, you will be enjoying this post! Parenting is really hard task and if you want to give your best to your children’s, you must have a trick or two in your pocket! Let’s start with number one up to number 15, in between you can find fun and interesting tricks to make parenting a bit easier and more comfortable. Let’s start:

Put a basket in the bathtub when your child is bathing so that the toys won’t flow away.


Use this baby mop and you can do cleaning and let you kid have fun at the same time.


This baby shower cap prevents the water from going into the baby’s eyes while bathing


Use this baby stroller and scooter hybrid to speed up the ride.

Use a vacuum to tie a daughter’s hair like this


Use a cardboard to make a slide over the stairs at home.


Stick a dropper through an already cut pacifier to give medicine to babies.

Let your kids have fun “playing” video games but not interrupt you playing games by giving them fake remote controls.

Make this little hammock to rest your kid at home.


Put a hook at the back of a high chair to bold the bibs.


Have a get-along-shirt for your kids and when they start to fight, make them wear it.


Tie a rope over the swing and pull it so your kid will have fun and so will you.


Use a fan to make your kid’s bed a tent.

Turn the DVD cases into coloring cases.


Tie a shoe caddy at the back of your car seat to hold all the dolls and games for kids.

Life Hacks for Bingo Enthusiasts

The game of bingo is an all-time classic and at some point has been played in most family homes. In the report by Bingo Hideout Survey, 87.9% of online bingo players are less than 55 years old, with 23.5% belonging to the 26-35 age group. Weebly even describes bingo as an educational tool that enriches learning activities. So, its fair to say that the demographics of bingo players has certainly changed over the last 10 years. [Read more…]

Binder Clips Hacks

Binder Clips are very popular among life hacks these days. There are numerous ways to include them in everyday’s hacks and today we collected just few of them. To start, best way to use them is as cable catchers. Everytime i want to plug in my phone or camera i have trouble finding cables so i had to dive on the ground to search them. Another great life hack is making use of binder clips on toothpaste. I believe you had a lot of troubles to squeeze all of the paste out of tube. If you implement this hack this will not be problem anymore. Just like these two, there are much more tips you can check in today’s hack gallery. Let us know how did you go implementing some of them in your life… [Read more…]

The Best Ways to Overcome Fear

It’s been proven that almost everybody is scared of the negatives. They’re even scared to try the procedure of self-improvement because of this really concerned experience. A mind-set and self-improvement blend is useful  in these circumstances.

Such processes, the initial one is taught that good and the bad are a part of life. Absolutely nothing exists that’s called ‘permanent up’ or something called ‘permanent down’. You need to keep in mind that these ups and downs are inevitable even for the most prosperous people.

  [Read more…]