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DiY Projects to Help You Save on Utility Costs

We all want to save more money around the house and DiY projects are a great way to accomplish that goal. For example, if you know how to refurbish furniture, you can buy thrifted pieces, fix them up and either use them yourself or sell them for cash to reduce your home’s overhead. Sewing your own new clothes using older clothes’ fabric is another great way to save money. Growing your own veggies, making your own food from scratch, etc. It’s all great.

What about when you want to save on utilities, though? If you’re lucky enough to live in a deregulated market like Alberta, you can simply shop around for a less expensive rate by surfing sites like AlbertaEnergyProviders.com and calling local utility companies to try and renegotiate your deal. If your market is still regulated and there’s no competition you might feel like you’re stuck paying whatever rate they want to charge. Guess what: you don’t! You just have to get creative about saving power, water, etc. And, as a DiY-er, you have plenty of skills to help you accomplish this goal.

Here are some great DiY ideas for people who want to save money on their utility costs.

Low-Flo is the Way to Go

Installing low-flow shower heads, toilets, and faucets in your home is a fantastic way to reduce your home’s water consumption and can be done over the course of a weekend. You can buy the supplies you need at a local home improvement store for relatively low cost and then do the installation work yourself. Obviously, if you’re changing out your toilet, you’ll want to hire a plumber to help you but the showerheads and faucets are easy-peasy.

For even more savings, combine a military style shower with your low-flow showerhead.

Harvesting Grey Water

Don’t just let your shower and sink water run down the drain! Switch to an eco-friendly soap and save the grey water for use around your house and yard. Grey water can be used for many different projects (though it is not recommended for cooking).

In addition to the gray water you save in your sinks and tubs, you can also build your own rain collection system. The simplest way to collect rainwater, of course, is to simply put an open-mouthed receptacle out in your yard during a rainstorm. For better collection, though, you can install rain collection barrels on your gutter system. The cost for supplies is minimal and you can install the barrels yourself in about a day. Collecting rainwater, in addition to reducing your water consumption, also prevents landscape erosion and other problems.

Paint Your Roof

This is going to sound weird, but you should paint your roof white. White roofs or “cool roofs” have been used for eons in places like Greece to reduce the temperatures within a home. This is because cool roofs reflect the sun’s heat instead of absorbing it. Buy some highly reflective white paint and paint your roof! Alternatively, install reflective sheeting or switch out your standard shingles for reflective shingles.

Install New Lighting

Ditch the CFLs and use LEDs instead. LED lights are more expensive at the outset but save you more over the lifetime of the bulb. This is because they use a fraction of the energy that CFLs require and have a longer lifetime than CFL bulbs. Most of the lighting in your house can easily be traded for LEDs, as the switch is simply a matter of switching out a bulb. In some cases, like with track lighting or special fixtures the project might take up more time, but it’s worth it for the long term savings.

Seal Your Ductwork

While the number varies, experts say that as much as 30 percent of the heat pumped into a home via furnace duct work is lost through cracks around that same ductwork and machinery. Duct sealant is very affordable, one DiYer found some for $5 per can. Then get to work sealing up any cracks you find.

If you want to take this a step further, you should also look for other air leaks and seepages around your home. Look for cracks in weather stripping, seal up the gaps between pipes and outside walls, etc. In addition to helping you save money on your energy bills, you’ll have a better chance of keeping out pests like ants, mice, etc.

If you are a skilled carpenter or contractor, there are larger DiY projects you can do as well, like refurbishing your insulation, switching your windows out for more efficient models, etc. For the average DiY-er, though, it’s best to start with small projects like these and work your way up to larger improvements.

Top 15 Creative Ways To Organize Your Garage

Whose garage doesn’t need at least a little organization?

These helpful DIY garage organization ideas are here to make your life easier. Check them out to see how much more organized your garage can be with just a few changes or additions.

Which DIY idea is your favorite?

Create your own jumbo tape organizer dispenser.

Check out that built-in blade!

Use a paper towel dispenser for large rolls of black garbage bags, burlap, netting, etc.

Units like these make big cleanups a breeze.

Keep drill bits organized with a magnetic holder.

This also works for nails and screws.

Upcycle tin cans to create instantly organized storage space.

You can fill these with tools, craft supplies, etc.

Keep your most-used tools within easy reach with a peg board.

Just look at how many different things can be stored this way.

Create this clever organization unit with upcycled plastic jars.

Read the full DIY tutorial here. You can store nails, screws, elastics, clips, clamps, etc.

Store sports balls with bungee cords.

Instantly better.

Use old PVC pieces to store, hold and organize tools.

You can get a full breakdown of this project here.

Build a bike rack.

Bikes create clutter very quickly. Hanging them means they’re out of the way and safely stored until needed.

Use wire baskets to help you store everything you need.

These look so much better than big totes or boxes on the floor.

Label everything.

No excuses. No miscellaneous labels, either.

Create cabinet space.

Cabinets are essential for proper garage organization. Learn how to install your own here. 

Use wheels.

Check out these handy cabinets on wheels for all your organizational needs.

Hang your ladder.

Anything that can be placed out of the way and off of the floor should be. Learn how to do it here.

Install overhead storage.

Read how to do this project here.


9 Green Air Freshener Ideas

Keeping yourhome smelling fresh naturally takes creativity. Find out what works best in your home and don’t forget the oldest trick in the book – opening a window. Make sure you don’t stop at your living room, most of those can be used in your car, campers and many other places that require refreshment from time to time.  A fragrant home is a happy home. Rething how you tackle the stink – commercial air fresheners are full of chemical. Insted, go green and make your own natural air fresheners with a few of these easy alternatives.

Top 10 Hacks Around the House To Bring New Life Into Old Items

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Vintage Luggage Medicine Cabinet

Find the old suitcase your grandpa used a lot of years ago, stick a mirror to a front size and post it over your sink. The Million Dollars Etsy idea…   Source

Drum Barrels

The Tutorial Starts Here: Purchase a 4 barrels of wine. Drink them all up and then make a drum setup of them. How they sound should not be a problem after drinking that much wine… Source

Tennis Racket Mirror

Pretty easy and straightforward hack for your house. The older tennis racket you find the better. Wooden vintage rackets are a best selection and once you obtain it, obtain a small mirror and hang them up. Game, set, match!  Source

Washing Machine Fire Pits

Don’t trow away your old washing machines because there are still few items that you can back on track! The fire pit will be extremely useful for this cold fall evenings… Source

Suitcase BoomBox

I have to admit that this BoomBox looks fake. However, there is a store in Portland, Oregon that sells them under the name “Case of Bass”   Source

Lightbulb Greenhouse

That s one of the best eco-friendly ideas i ever seen! You can easily turn a old lightbulb into a tiny terrarium! Source

Globe Lamp

You can easily make a globe into a lampshade, lamp, potpourri bowl, clock or a lot of other things. Source

Flower Power

Turn your old vintage metal colander into a hip hanging flower pot! Source

Wrench Hooks

All you have to do is to bent a wrench and hang it out. They are both tough and cute at the same time… Source

Fence Holes

Use colorful marbles and plug the holes in your fence. Wait for a sun and enjoy in colors… Source

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