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There i Fixed It!

People tend to be extremely creative when they need to fix the issues. Check out this couple creative solutions and be sure to never try them out in your life….  

DiY Projects to Help You Save on Utility Costs

We all want to save more money around the house and DiY projects are a great way to accomplish that goal. For example, if you know how to refurbish furniture, you can buy thrifted pieces, fix them up and either use them yourself or sell them for cash to reduce your home’s overhead. Sewing your [Read On]

Top 20 Times DIY Got Wrong

In the last couple months the DIY and Crafts articles gain on popularity since they were able to help normal people do interesting stuff with the everyday items. However, now everything goes so well when you get the toolbox in your hands. Check out this funny post with top 20 hilarious DIY project fails… 1. [Read On]

Top 15 Creative Ways To Organize Your Garage

Whose garage doesn’t need at least a little organization? These helpful DIY garage organization ideas are here to make your life easier. Check them out to see how much more organized your garage can be with just a few changes or additions. Which DIY idea is your favorite? Create your own jumbo tape organizer dispenser. [Read On]

9 Green Air Freshener Ideas

Keeping yourhome smelling fresh naturally takes creativity. Find out what works best in your home and don’t forget the oldest trick in the book – opening a window. Make sure you don’t stop at your living room, most of those can be used in your car, campers and many other places that require refreshment from [Read On]

Top 15 Fun and Interesting Parenting Hacks

If you are fresh parent, you will be enjoying this post! Parenting is really hard task and if you want to give your best to your children’s, you must have a trick or two in your pocket! Let’s start with number one up to number 15, in between you can find fun and interesting tricks [Read On]

Top 15 Smart Psychology Hacks

When it comes to life hacks, the most well known are the one around the kitchen, clothing and home. There are not so much deep psychology hacks that can improve social status and relationships between people. Because of this we collected list of top 15 psychology hacks that will pick up the brain of the [Read On]

Top 30 Last Minute DIY Gifts

These are cuter, cheaper, and way more meaningful than the store-bought alternative. Everybody knows that hand crafted gifs have much bigger personal value and means a lot more to people than something you can buy. In today’s article you can check the top 30 most interesting simple gifts that you can make at home. All [Read On]

Top 10 Hacks Around the House To Bring New Life Into Old Items

Have you ever browsing the web in order to find a guide on how to bring the old house items back to life? There is something special when you find a repurpose and give new life to a old and lifeless items only using the tools and your imagination. I bet you were not aware [Read On]

The Genious Life Hacks Inventions

You already know that our site is focusing on the things that will make your life a lot easier. Today, we will show you the 11 almost genius inventions that will make some of the everyday problems resolved! As a example, you are late for the work and you are unable to find your keys. [Read On]

Top 20 Clever and Simple Gardening Hacks

Winter is over, and the spring is here! This is my favorite time of the year because nature is awaking from winter sleep and there are a lot of things that can be done around the house. I spend a lot of time in my back yard and garden during this time so i decided [Read On]